Aretheal is a completely personal project located in a very precise area, three plots in the Colls de Porrera, belonging to the Priorat DOQ.

The goal is none other than to offer limited productions from unique vineyards, wines that express the essence of the land of the Priorat, which we treat with respect and farm ecologically.

My personal adventure

I have worked in the wine trade for over twenty years. My brothers and I are partners of two stores in Falset: “Vins i Olis del Priorat” and “Aguiló Vinateria”. Many a morning, however, I head off to the plot and by the time I open the store, I have been at the vineyards doing what is required of each time of the year since the early hours.

I decided to produce my own wine because the more you find out about this world, the more you fall in love with it and also because I love the land and living a farmer’s life. It is precisely for this reason I studied to become a sommelier. So, this project is pretty much the natural culmination of my day-to-day, devoted to the vineyards and the wine trade. I want to live this adventure from head to toe, from start to finish.

Why Aretheal?

Areté - ethereal

Aretheal is a fusion of two words. The first is “arete” (ἀρετή), a word in classical Greek that means excellence in every way. The second is “ethereal”, which refers to extremely delicate beauty. What I want is to forge a path in search of this excellence.