Welcome to the Aretheal universe

Limited production of unique Priorat DOQ wines

Aretheal are unique wines from the Priorat DOQ, exclusively from small plots located in the Colls de Porrera part of the municipality of Falset.
The culmination of a highly personal, artisanal project.


My name is Marc Aguiló and I come from a family dedicated to wine trading and distribution. The store aside, I am passionate about the land, the Priorat region, living a farmer’s life, and learning something new about the world of wine each day. So, I cultivate, produce and market my own wines.


Aretheal wines (white and red), made from grenache and carignan grape varieties, aspire to be the standard bearers of the land of the Priorat DOQ and specifically the slopes of Colls de Porrera.

At the same time, they are “gastronomic” wines, perfect for meal times but also to appreciate on their own, or as an aperitif.


The vineyards are located in the Colls de Porrera area, between Falset and Porrera, in the Priorat DOQ, rubbing shoulders with each other and grown in the traditional way, with the occasional help of animals and in accordance with organic farming guidelines.

There are three, mostly slate-soil plots at an altitude of over 500 metres. However, all three enjoy features that yield different grapes.